Day 6

Advent Verse

Psalm 110:1 tells us He would sit down at the right hand of God.  This is mirrored in the New Testmanent in Hebrews 1:3.

Jesse Tree

Today's verse is a little longer, adding some challenge to our memorization:

"I will make you into a great nation 
       and I will bless you;
       I will make your name great,
       and you will be a blessing."

-Genesis 12:2

Our story continues on to Abraham, still Abram at the promise in this verse. 

A drawing of a tent is a fitting ornament for today, as Abram was called away from his home and family to follow the Lord as a wanderer.  A homemade ornament could be a tent cut out of brown felt with a toothpick glued on for tent-posts.

To Explore: Christmas Trees!

Though originally rooted in paganism (pun intended), the Christmas tree often plays an integral part of Christian holiday celebrations.  The fir tree is first known to have come indoors in Scandinavia during the dark ages.  In the midst of freezing, dark winters, the fir tree stood with marked contrast to its stark surroundings.  Vikings found encouragement in this hardy tree.  The evergreen was a popular symbol for many pagan cultures. 

A legend about St. Boniface tells how the evergreen began to be associated with Christianity. The tradition spread throughout Christendom and it became tradition to hang an evergreen from the ceiling each winter.  However, the tree was still not associated with Christmas. The first recording of the tree being used for Christmas celebrations didn't occur until 1510 in Latvia. 

Another legend says that it was Martin Luther who influenced our current celebrations of the Christmas tree

Have you ever wondered where your Christmas tree comes from? Visit a virtual Christmas tree farm! Jack Hope tells a good story while sharing how to begin your own Christmas tree business. Read up on tips to care for your cut Christmas tree and keep it fresh looking all through December, though I would add one more important tip: add some green food coloring to the water basin. We've done this for years and have even had a tree continue to look alive and green all the way into February. Looks can be deceiving and we had a million needles all over the carpet, but it looked lovely. Which, I suppose bring me to another important tip: don't keep a tree all the way into February. Just don't. 

Christmas Around the World 
The first recorded Christmas tree came from Latvia, in the capital city of Riga in 1510. Latvians look forward to 12 days of presents brought to them by "Christmas Old Man", beginning on Christmas Eve.
 To wish a merry Christmas in Latvia, you say "Priecïgus Ziemassvºtkus". Good luck with that. 

Hands On (cooking, coloring, creating)

  • Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees (my kids LOVE this one!)

To make, add green food coloring to white frosting and smear over sugar cones.  Let kids decorate with ice cream sprinkles and cupcake decor or mini m&m's.  Take a picture because this craft will be gobbled up quickly!
Dip child's palm in green paint and then upside down on paper or fabric.  Make a row of 4 handprints, then 3, then 2.  For the top, use yellow paint on the child's other hand, or draw on a star.  Thumb prints dipped in red paint make great "tree" decorations.  Using fabric paint on a sweatshirt makes a great gift for grandparents.
  • Part of the St. Boniface legend included his use of the triangular shape of the evergreen tree to explain the trinity.  Add in some fun math lessons with a Lapbook about Triangles!
  • Prepare a Christmas meal of potatoes, sauerkraut and pork, small pies, and lentils with bacon.


The first book on this list makes me cry every time.  The last makes me laugh every time.  All of them are good, but these two are our favorites.


Another Decorate the Tree (has annoying music; be warned)